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Oberliesen Law Firm Northwest Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer
Florida Courtroom Oberliesen Law Firm Lawyer

Trusted and Experienced Florida Defense Attorney

Legal proceedings can be complex and overwhelming. You deserve an attorney who will diligently advocate for you. Our commitment is to offer assistance in a language that is comprehensible to you. Throughout the process, we ensure you remain well-informed about the legal status of your case, potential defenses, and the next steps. We take pride in keeping you educated about both the process and the law.

Legal Guidance You Can Understand
Outcome-Oriented Approach

Our attorneys prioritize collaborating with you to devise a plan that achieves the results you seek. By attentively listening to your needs and exploring all available legal options, we work together to create a path to success based on our legal expertise and your understanding of the circumstances.

Procrastination is not in your favor! Reach out to our criminal defense attorneys for a complimentary phone consultation. Let us assist you in determining your optimal next steps. The sooner you have a well-devised plan, the greater your likelihood of achieving the desired results.

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Sarah Oberliesen Attorney at Law Fort Walton Okaloosa Florida
Oberliesen Law Firm Okaloosa Law Firm Fort Walton Beach Florida

The Oberliesen Law Firm delivers legal representation for all criminal matters in the State of Florida, specifically in Okaloosa County, Walton County, Santa Rosa County, and Escambia County. Whether you are under investigation or have already been arrested, our criminal defense attorney is here to help.

Comprehensive Legal Support

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